Frequently Asked Questions


What time of year is best for tree transplantation?

Trees in pots or baskets can usually be moved anytime from spring to freeze up. Special care must be taken to make sure the tree is never lacking moisture. Make sure your tree is well watered before moving and also kept moist during transport. The future-planting site also must be well watered. Transporting your tree exposes leaves to heat and wind and can be a stressful process for a tree. More Trees Please Inc. can assist you to make sure your tree is kept happy through the transporting process.

What size of tree can you move?

We have one of the largest tree spades in the industry and can move almost any tree. The height of the tree will be proportional to the caliper, size and species. We have equipment to make sure the branches of your large trees will not be harmed. Along with our 90 inch tree spade we have a 48 inch and, 38 inch spades as well. Our small excavator can fit through your garden gate so we can accommodate back yard planting with no damage to your yard.

Are there any preparations required in advance?

Great question and the answer is yes! Although we think your new tree will look good wrapped in lights and lit up at Christmas we don’t want to risk damage or our safety by hitting an underground line, so it is imperative you have the lines marked before we can plant a tree. We will do a site inspection and help answer in last minute questions as well. Always keeping the health of the tree in mind we would recommend that proper site preparations discussed on the site visit be completed prior to moving the tree.

How much does it cost to move a tree?

You have likely invested a lot of time and effort in your landscaping project and each tree-transporting project is unique. We will discuss all the options regarding pricing with you and let you make the final decision. Remember that when it comes to healthy beautiful trees, cheapest isn’t always best. We want you to be able to enjoy your trees as soon as they are planted and for generations to come.

What size and types of trees should I buy?

There are a lot of lovely trees in the market place and if you have a prominent spot you want to landscape and enjoy right now we suggest you buy a tree big enough to enjoy right away. For shelterbelt areas you may be content to plant some smaller trees that will grow, keeping in mind it does take some care and attention to keep these trees growing. More Trees Please Inc. can make suggestions depending on where you want the trees and how soon do you want to enjoy a suitable size tree.

For large commercial and reclamation projects we have access to all sizes and types of trees and would welcome the opportunity to bid on your projects. We also have a large and a mini excavator to assist in these projects.

What areas do you service?

More Trees Please is located just east of Edmonton giving us access to all of central Alberta. For large commercial jobs we would be happy to service any area.

How do I care for my trees after planting?

All too often we drive around looking at jobs that we, or others, have done in good faith with quality trees only to see that the trees are stressed or dying. Just like there are 50 ways to lose your lover there are 50 ways to kill your tree. We would be happy to discuss the future care of your trees with you during our site visit.

Where do I get my new trees from?

More Trees Please has a large selection of trees to choose from whether it is from our own stock or from a neighboring tree farm. We prefer to work with trees that have been grown in the climate to which they will be transplanted to help ensure tree health and of course can also move trees as well.

Also, More Trees Please is always looking for good quality trees to purchase so if you have some you wish to sell please contact us.

Do you do tree pruning and maintenance?

We would be happy to prune your trees whether you have an individual tree or a commercial property or condo association. Proper pruning is very important to the future health and looks of your trees.