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Expert Advisors for Your Next Landscaping Project.

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees when planning your landscaping project. Questions often arise, such as "Which trees are best for a certain area or soil type?" Or "How do I choose an ornamental tree that will add colour and fruit or flowers to my yard for years to come?"

More Trees Please is your Alberta Tree Service Specialist. We help you to choose, plan and purchase trees for your next landscaping project.

How We Can Help.

  • Tree pick-up and tree delivery from our stock and partner tree farms
  • Tree transplanting and initial watering
  • Aftercare services, including mulch delivery and soil delivery, staking
  • Soil delivery, mulch delivery or removal
  • Tree transplanting and root removal 

What Trees Need to Grow.

Tips to Ensure the Greatest Chance of Survival.

  • Water at the proper frequency—this depends on the type of tree and soil.
  • Stake the tree and tie it off to secure the root ball
  • Fill the cut line with topsoil.
  • Put down a mulch bed to prevent water from evaporating and weeds from growing in and stabilizing the soil surrounding the tree.
  • Prune damaged limbs
  • Apply wound heal on scraped bark (We do our best to do the least amount of damage to the tree en-route, but larger trees can be fragile; older trees can get brittle with age, just like us!) 

Looking for Trusted Tree Services?

Contact us today for tree pick-up, tree delivery, tree transplanting, aftercare services, soil delivery, mulch delivery or root removal.

Looking for Trusted Tree Services?