We have firewood. 

Not all trees make it, unfortunately, but they continue to give even after they have fallen. Aside from tree transplanting and tree removal, we keep busy and stay in shape in the winter, cutting firewood and doing firewood delivery in Central and Northern Alberta.

Want the delightful snap and crackle of Spruce? Or a warmer burning fire in Fall with Birch? Not sure what kind of firewood you need? We are always happy to help!

All firewood is cut to 16” lengths and can be purchased by tossed cord (4X4X10 feet) or stacked cord (4X4X8 feet). We also customize larger orders and offer delivery for all products. We can also cut to spec lengths if you need.

Wondering what a cord is? When shopping for firewood or firewood delivery, make sure you are comparing prices to the same amount of wood.

  • A stacked cord is 128 cubic feet of wood cut, split and stacked neatly into that space.
  • A tossed cord is 164 cubic feet of wood cut, split and dumped onto a loose pile.

Our stacked cord and tossed cord are the same price. 

Find the following Firewood products at More Trees Please: 


  • Lower-end heating wood
  • High amounts of ash
  • Not a lot of sparks
  • Great for the fireplace or campfires


  • Average wood
  • Medium heat
  • Average ash
  • Wonderful smell
  • Lots of crackles and pops
  • Great heating wood for campfires


  • Great heating wood
  • High heat
  • Great aroma
  • Creates hot coals for cooking
  • Check with fireplace specifications to see if your fireplace can burn Tamarack


  • Great heating wood
  • High heat
  • Low ash
  • Quiet fire
  • Colourful flame
  • Great evening firewood

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